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Buddy Club P1 Racing Ball Joints - EF/EG/EK/DC2/DC5/EM2/EP3

Buddy Club P1 Racing Ball Joints - EF/EG/EK/DC2/DC5/EM2/EP3


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As you track your vehicle and experience tremendous lateral G-forces while entering and exiting turns, your suspension geometry changes; this much is common knowledge but is often misunderstood.

As your car experiences sideways forces, the upper and lower control arms change angles in relation to one another. The resulting change could pivot the centerline of the affected wheel in such a way as to produce a significant change in camber, resulting in less tire contact with the ground and, subsequently, poor traction and stability. These changes are extremely apparent in vehicles with performance tuned suspension lowered 2 inches or more.

What’s not understood is that simply “dialing in” negative camber to counteract these effects is a patch fix that doesn’t address the changing of the suspension geometry; it merely compensates for it. The tradeoff then becomes less predictable handling during turns and loss of straight-line stability due to unnecessarily increased camber, not to mention avoidable premature tire wear.

This problem is aggravated when the camber is changed by adjusting the angle at the upper control arm; the angles between the upper and lower control arms help determine a vehicle’s roll center, and, where the roll center occurs in each side of the suspension.

To counteract this problem, Buddy Club has released the P1 Racing Extended Ball Joint connects to the lower control arm, not the upper, thereby allowing a more correct and apt suspension geometry between upper and lower control arms; this insures a more predictable roll center, which increases the vehicles’ steering response and stability.

These improvements are even more profound when used in conjunction with an upper control arm camber adjustment kit.

Buddy Club Extended Ball Joints also feature heavy duty ball joint boots which can be removed and replaced to allow for ease in service, as well as extended product lifespan.

[Not all ball joints come with C-Clips. Ball joints for RSX and Honda Civic (2001-2005) are Press Fit and do not use C-Clips]

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