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Funk Motorsport

Funk External Wastegate Blanket

Funk External Wastegate Blanket


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Wastegate blankets offer the same huge benefits as our Turbo Blankets, but for your wastegate too! Protect the internal diaphragm from becoming weak over time to retain turbo efficiency and performance.

  • Ultimate protection for your wastegate.
  • Protect the diaphragm and beat boost creep.
  • Available for all makes and models.
  • Surface temperature reductions up to 80%
  • Continuous operating temperature: 1000°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1200°C

    A wastegate blanket works in a very similar way to a turbo blanket. After all, they experience very similar conditions to turbos as both have high flowing exhaust gas through them and both emit high temperatures and heat energy. The main performance benefits of running a wastegate blanket comes in the decrease of excess heat energy being dispersed within the engine bay from the wastegate. Keep nearby components cool and reduce intake temperatures by keeping your wastegate blanket insulated.

    The internal diaphragm of your wastegate is an extremely sensitive component. Protect the internal diaphragm of your wastegate and prevent boost creep by preventing the diaphragm from becoming weak and failing after being over exposed to heat.

    Beat boost creep! Ensure the ongoing reliable working of your wastegate over time by preventing over exposure to heat from your wastegate diaphragm to ensure your wastegate opens and closes when it should without leaks.

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