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Insane Shafts

Insane Shaft - 06-11 8th Gen Civic Si - FG/FA/FD/FN

Insane Shaft - 06-11 8th Gen Civic Si - FG/FA/FD/FN


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Insane Shafts Axles are positioned as a superior alternative to typical swap axles. Constructed from chromoly steel and subjected to a proprietary annealing and heat treatment process, these axles are designed to handle power demands of up to 500 wheel horsepower. They are marketed as ideal for high-performance vehicles. Each set of Insane Shafts Axles includes removable ABS rings (if applicable) and new spindle nuts. For custom applications, customers are encouraged to contact the manufacturer.


Fits 2006-2011 Civic M.T. 2.0L 1998cc K-Series (SI).
Also suitable for 2007-2011 Civic Type R (FN2).

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